About Orest

Perfect Rest OREST
Experience of a Real Hand Massage

Orest is the only massage chair company in Korea that has its own technology research center and manufacturing facilities. 

Unlike all imported massage hairs currently on the market, Orest massage chairs are produced in domestic assembly lines in Korea through a rigorous quality-control system with 25 tests. 

Orest produces quality products with sincerity in order to provide the best rest for all seeking a better quality of life and for the rising aging society. 

Duckil Industry for 30 Years

Duckil Industry has built up the production skills and know-how by suppling automobile parts to many global companies, such as Hyundai & Kia Motors, Tesla, GM and Nissan.

With Duckil Industry as its root, Orest aims to offer a 'customer admiring rest' with cutting-edge technology from the Korean manufacturing industry.

Our logo is Red for Sincerity and expresses our mission to give you "Oh! Amazing Rest!"

From massage chairs and foot massagers to other innovative products, 'Oh! Amazing Rest' will continue.