Our Mission

All Live Best’s mission is to help our customers live their best lives with our world-class at-home wellbeing devices. Our main products are Orest massage chairs made in Korea, CELLRETURN, the #1 LED mask brand in the globe, and Health Mate home saunas made of 100% Canadian cedar wood.

Orest massage chairs are not only made of the highest quality, but it is also the only brand that manufactures in South Korea. Since Orest massage chairs are produced and sold in our own facilities, we provide the best satisfaction in quality control, after-sales service, and smooth supply of parts. Orest’s parent company, Duck-il Industry, is the world’s third largest supplier of car seat parts for most major automobile manufacturers around the world, including Hyundai Kia Motors, Tesla, GM, and Ford. When it comes to quality and design, Orest is simply world-class because it meets the quality standards of the most demanding global automobile manufacturers.

CELLRETURN is, without question, the unrivaled, global number one brand in its field. It is also the only LED mask company that develops its products directly in Korea and sells in its own facilities. It is impossible to compare CELLRETURN with other products in terms of quality, function and effectiveness. You can clearly see results after using a CELLRETURN LED mask within weeks. 1,026 LEDs seamlessly restore skin elasticity with three wavelengths. You can tangibly feel your skin becoming firmer and more elastic, and this product is especially perfect for those who are hesitant to go outside for skincare treatments during the pandemic. You can use the LED mask from the comfort of your home for just 20 minutes and save immensely on skincare costs. Our CELLRETURN products are designed to help you with all your aging concerns, including neck wrinkles and hair loss. CELLRETURN truly brings a return of your cells.

Health Mate Far Infrared Sauna is also the world's number one product. We are proud of the technological know-how we have accumulated over 40 years. When it comes to materials, we stick with only the best. Our Health Mate at-home saunas are made of 200-years-old Canadian cedar wood, also known as red cedar. Canadian cedar contains phytoncide, which relieves stress while sterilizing and purifying air. All of our materials are also of the highest quality. Recently, “immunity” has been a hot topic. Known as “life rays,” far-infrared rays have important positive effects on the human body. Our saunas are fully equipped with far-infrared rays that raise body temperature to increase immunity, discharge waste products from the body, relieve pain, improve blood circulation, and alleviate fatigue. Health Mate Sauna is becoming increasingly popular throughout the United States. Now that interest in health is at an all-time high, Health Mate Sauna is the best health product to increase your health and immunity. Once you actually experience our products, you can immediately feel the difference.

We carry only the best products to help you live your best life at All Live Best! We are located in The Source Mall, at the intersection of Beach Blvd. and Orangethorpe Ave.